Kim's Herbs & Detox Center carries high quality Organic bulk herbs. These herbs are sold by the ounce (minimum). We can also make custom herbal combinations for you (each herb in the combination must at least be an ounce).

Any herb not carried, we can special order for you.

The bulk herbs currently offered at Kim's Herbs include:

Astragalus Root Sliced

Bee Pollen

Black Cohosh (Cut)

Bladderwrack (Cut)

Burdock Root (Cut)

Chamomile (Cut)

Chlorella (powder)

Dandelion Root (Cut)

Echinacea Angustifolia Root (Cut)

Elder Berry (Berry)

Ginger Root (Cut)

Hawthorn Berries (Berry)

Hibiscus Flowers (Cut)

Irish Sea Moss (Fresh and Powder)

La Pacho (Cut)

Lavender Flowers (Cut)

Lemon Balm (Melissa) (Cut)

Marshmallow Root (Cut) and Powder

Milk Thistle Seed

Mullein Leaf (Cut)

Nettle Leaf (Cut)

Peppermint (Cut)

Raspberry Leaf (Cut)

Red Clover (Cut)

Sage Leaf (Cut)

Spirulina Powder

Slippery Elm (Powder and (Cut))

Slippery Elm Powder and (CUT)

Turmeric Root Powder

White Sage (for incense burning)

……and more

Bulk Herb Selection - We can always special order.

Bulk Herb Selection - We can always special order.